MyOptometryLawyer was created in 2019 by noted optometric attorney, Craig S Steinberg, O.D., J.D., for the sole purpose of bringing high-quality, low-cost and pre-paid personalized concierge business and legal consulting to a limited group of privately owned independent optometric practices across the United States.


Working together with Dr. Steinberg’s law practice, the Law Offices of Craig S Steinberg, OD, JD, MyOptometryLawyer offers the first ever comprehensive concierge-based services that address nearly all the common day-to-day business operational concerns of the owners of private independent optometry practices.

After almost two decades of representing and advising optometrists across myriad issues, from employment matters, HIPAA compliance, contract/lease reviews, partnerships, malpractice prevention, to third-party and VSP audits and State Board defense, both in and out of court, Dr. Steinberg saw that many small independently owned optometry offices could not afford the the kind of personalized business and legal consulting and assistance that they needed. Dr. Steinberg recognized that hiring an attorney not familiar with optometry is simply not a cost-effective option for most practices because thousands of dollars are spent just teaching the attorney the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist and what VSP is (much less how to evaluate an optometric clinical record)! At the same time, as a sole practitioner, there are only so many doctors he can help. Thus, the idea of low-cost, pre-paid, concierge consulting.


MyOptometryLawyer operates for the owners of independent practices much like a capitated health plan. For a low monthly fee, the concierge client has pre-paid for a wide variety of services that are then available if needed, when needed. Many are familiar with the concept of concierge medicine. By limiting the number of patients, the concierge physician can spend more time and provide better care to each patient. Dr. Steinberg recognized that, by combining the capitation concept with a limited number of concierge clients he could provide the business and consulting services most practice owners need from time to time, and do so faster and while spending all the time necessary to ensure that each client is getting the level of personalized help they need and want. That’s what makes it a “concierge” level of service. Moreover, the often hated “hourly fee” for business and legal consulting is eliminated. There is no charge for calling with a question or writing a letter. Concierge clients can stop worrying about what it will cost to get advice they want, because it’s already paid for.

Through MyOptometryLawyer Dr. Steinberg looks forward to providing the same high-quality business and legal consulting and assistance he’s been providing to optometrists for the past twenty years, but doing it on a low-cost, pre-paid basis to a limited group of concierge clients.